Our Venues

Our local comedy scene features a variety of venues, mics, and showcases.

Regular comedy venues include but are not limited to: 

Luckey's, Actor's Caberet, Falling Sky on campus, 

Old Nick's Pub, Sam Bond's Garage, Blairally Vintage Arcade, The Drake Bar, 

 Cush Cafe, Whirled Pies, LovaKava, Agrarian Ales, Cornucopia on 5th, 

and The First National Taphouse

Regular Showcases

LovaKava Laughter Nights

Hosted by the charming Gabby Jesus, this monthly mic at the LovaKava Kombucha and Kava Bar is a great way to end an art walk and start your weekend off right with comedy in Eugene. 

Sober Thoughts

Hosted by Max Brockmann, this showcase features a wide spread of sober and recovering comics in one of Eugene's favorite comedy venues on the third Friday of every month. 

Bleepin' Funny

Join us on the last Saturday of every month at Sam Bond's Garage for a show featuring a mix of stand up comedy and improv hosted by comedian and author Leigh Anne Jasheway. 

Laugh Track Town USA

Located at the First National Taphouse in the heart of downtown Eugene, this show hosted by Bert Walpack and Max Brockmann features outstanding talent from all over the Pacific Northwest. 

Standing Up

This showcase features amazing talent from all over the Pacific Northwest and donates to a variety of national charities. 

Eugene's Best Medicine

This showcase hosted by Cienna Jade utilizes mostly local talent to benefit local charities. Follow "Eugene's Best Medicine" on Facebook to stay updated on the latest showcase!

Comedy at the Drake

The Drake Bar hosts a variety of our comedy showcases. Come check us out there every Friday! 

Our Open Mics


Every Tuesday at Luckey's, Chaz Logan Hyde hosts one of Eugene's favorite comedy mics. Starting at 10pm for a $1 cover, join local comedians for an evening of chuckles and dollar beers. 

The Drake Open Mic

Rich Fuess hosts this weekly open mic at the Drake every Wednesday. Mic starts at 7pm, no cover.

Campus Open Mic
Head over to Falling Sky on campus for the weekly student mic hosted by Mike Spark is every Wednesday at 9pm.

Blairally Open Mic

Seth Milstein hosts this weekly open mic on Thursdays at the Blairally Arcade in the Whitaker at 9pm.

Cush Open Mic

Every Saturday Marcus Tyrell hosts this comedy mic at the Cush Cafe on Railroad Boulevard at 7pm. Though all ages, parents are cautioned not all content will be appropriate for children. 

Old Nick's Open Mic
Hosted by Seth Milstein, "Welcome to Hell" is a mic for those looking for whiskey, jokes, and the love of the devil in one of the Whit's favorite bars every Sunday at 8pm. 

Cornucopia on Fifth

Gabby Jesus hosts this weekly Sunday mic starting at 10pm. This quirky mic in one of Eugene's favorite bars is a prime spot to bring a date for a succulent feast of great food and booze. Tell a joke about Gabby and get an extra minute on the mic!

Completely Unofficial and Totally Arbitrary Contests

Winner of Prettiest Princess on the Porch Award

David Whippo is the prettiest princess and one of our favorite laughs to have at most any show. Fight him if you don't believe it. 

Block him Facebook!

Most Missed Former Eugene Comedian

The only thing bigger than Mike McGowan's ego is his crippling insecurity, and you'll surely belly laugh as he flip-flops between the two. 

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram!