Local Professionals

Alex Elkin

Winner of the 41st International San Francisco Comedy Competition, Alex Elkin started his comedy career in the clubs of Hollywood California before he was old enough to be allowed in the front door. At age 18 he took on the wilds of the Jungle Cruise as a skipper for the Disneyland Resort cracking jokes on and off the boat. He was selected as a finalist in the Laugh Factory’s International Donald Trump Impersonator contest. Headlining clubs alongside national acts such as Joe Rogan, Judd Apatow and Bill Burr, Elkin is creating a buzz in the comedy world. Alex Elkin has placed in the top 16 of the 2017 World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas. Alex has been seen on Inside Edition, CNN, E!’s The Simple Life Season 5, TNT’s LEVERAGE, NBC’s GRIMM as well as heard regularly on XM Sirius’ Raw Dog comedy channel. 
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Leigh Anne Jasheway

Leigh Anne Jasheway is an award-winning author who has been performing stand-up comedy longer than all three of her marriages put together. She has been chosen both the 2nd and 3rd funniest stand-up comedian in Eugene by the Eugene Weekly and hopes next year to come in 4th. She runs the monthly Bleepin' Funny Stand-up Showcase and What the Funny Improv Show at Sam Bond's Garage. She is also the organizer and host of The Eugene Laff Off, The Eugene Pride Comedy Showcase, and the Northwest Women's Comedy Festival. She teaches comedy writing and stand up at our local community college.
For more info, follow her on Facebook and visit https://www.accidentalcomic.com/.

Andy Andrist

When he’s not on the road, his free time is spent marathon running, streamlining vigilante justice, and enriching the lives of farm animals. He also comes from a long and triumphant line of Freemasons, who founded the fair city of Eugene, Oregon. Although he is 1/32 African American, he made the choice long ago to forgo racial material in his repertoire. This triple threat will soon be a licensed real estate salesman, in the hopes of parlaying his selling adventures into comedic gold. Favorite color is yellow.

For more info, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and visit http://andyandrist.net/.

Showcase hosts

Leigh Anne Jasheway

Leigh Anne Jasheway runs the monthly Bleepin' Funny Stand-up Showcase and What the Funny Improv Show at Sam Bond's Garage. She is also the organizer and host of The Eugene Laff Off, The Eugene Pride Comedy Showcase, and the Northwest Women's Comedy Festival.
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Max Brockmann

Host of the Sober Thoughts Monthly Recovery Showcase, Max Brockmann is one of Eugene's favorite comedians. He's just recorded his first album, "Normal Within Reason," which is now available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes. 

Jane Malone

If you've seen any comedy posters around and thought: "Wow, that's a great poster," most likely it's the work of Jane. MaloneyBologna Presents weekly showcases at the Drake, including the infamously popular Bad Girls Show. 

Gabby Jesus

Host of LovaKava Laughter Nights, Gabby Jesus rules a room with her smile and energy. Now entering her fourth year as a comedian, Eugene is lucky to have her. 

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Chaz Logan Hyde

Chaz is the delightful host of the monthly Bob Ross After Dark comedy special every third Monday at Luckey's Club. Join us for this one-of-kind comedy experience as two comedians go head to head painting happy little clouds.

Bert Walpack

Host of the First National Taphouse monthly showcase, Bert Walpack is a pithy mainstay in Eugene's comedian collection and one of the winners of the 2018 Laff Off. 

Open Mic Hosts

Seth Milstein

Host of the Blairally and Old Nick's open mics, Seth Milstein is a comic and writer who performs all over the west coast. Seth also writes “Milstein at the Movies” for Savage Henry magazine. He was heavily featured in the documentary “I Am Road Comic” and lightly featured in “Harmontown”.

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Gabby Jesus

Gabby Jesus hosts the Cornucopia open mic with all the sass and charm of someone who doesn't understand white people's obsession with ranch. Roast her and earn an extra minute of stage time on the mic. In the meantime, follow her on Facebook!

Chaz Logan Hyde

Chaz Logan Hyde is the phenomenal host of Amusedays, Eugene's most popular and lovely Tuesday open mic. He's a delight. 

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Rich Fuess

Rich Fuess hosts the Drake open mic and loves giving the gift of laughter almost as much as he loves beer and tacos. 

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Mike Spark

Host of the student open mic in the EMU, Mike Spark is a regular of the Eugene scene we're lucky to have. 

Marcus Tyrrell

Dedicated host of the Cush open mic, Marcus Tyrrell is inspired by a variety of comedic legends like Bill Burr, Stephen Wright, and Zach Galifinakis.  

Local Favorites

Cienna Jade

Cienna Jade  is described as sardonic, definitively dirty, and harsh but oddly sweet. Currently, she runs Eugene’s Best Medicine Comedy Showcase which supports local comedians and charities and has just released her first album, "Pillows Though" available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.
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Tylor Jones

Winner of the 2018 Laff Off, Tylor Jones has performed all over Oregon and keeps crowds chuckling with his dark humor filtered through amusing one liners.

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Isaac Paris

Isaac Paris is perhaps the most clever and good-natured of Eugene's comedians. He hosts the family friendly Vaudeville showcase at Vanilla Jill's Scoops & Soups in the summer. For more info about this quirky and memorable performer, visit https://isaacparis.com/.

Randy Mendez

Randy Mendez has been funny.