Eugene's Showcases for Charity


"Bleepin' Funny" & "What The Funny?"

Leigh Anne Jasheways hosts the two longest running comedy shows in Eugene at Sam Bond's Garage. 

Join us every second Saturday for Eugene's only all improv show: "What The Funny?" And don't miss the last Saturday of every month when we host "Bleepin' Funny," a show featuring a mix of stand up comedy and improv. 


Eugene's Best Medicine

 This showcase hosted by Cienna Jade benefits local charities. Follow Eugene's Best Medicine on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the latest showcase!


Standing Up

This showcase at the Drake organized by Jane Malone features amazing talent from all over the Pacific Northwest and donates to a variety of national charities. Follow Eugene Comedy Scene on Facebook for the latest info on upcoming shows. 

More Comedy Shows in Eugene

Laughtrack Town, USA


 Located at the First National Taphouse in the heart of downtown Eugene, this show hosted by Bert Walpack and Max Brockmann features outstanding talent from all over the Pacific Northwest. 

Lovakava Laughter Night


 Hosted by the charming Gabby Jesus, this monthly showcase at the LovaKava Kombucha and Kava Bar is a great way to end an art walk and start your weekend off right with comedy in Eugene. 

The Laughing Penguin


Max  Brockmann and Austin Casler host Eugene's newest once a month showcase every third Friday at the Drake. 

Bob Ross After Dark


Every third Monday at Luckey's, Chaz Logan Hyde hosts a competitive painting talk show complete with audience participation!

Sober Thoughts


 Hosted by Max Brockmann, this showcase features a wide spread of sober and recovering comics.